Our Five Favorite Cuts of Meat to Bring the Steakhouse Home for V-Day

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day 2021 isn’t likely to include dinner reservations at your favorite five-star steakhouse. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the steakhouse home for dinner! Steakchop makes it easy to splurge on a luxurious dinner at home (and for a lot less cost). Just add wine! 

Here are our picks for the best steaks to cook for Valentine’s dinner: 

USDA Choice Filet Mignon — You’ll never go wrong with the coveted and delectable Filet Mignon, the traditional marker of a special occasion. Follow our Steakhouse Quality-Steak recipe to prepare a perfectly cooked filet at home. 

USDA Prime Porterhouse/T-Bone — The best of both worlds! With New York Strip on one side and Filet Mignon on the other, this steak was made for sharing!

USDA Prime Ribeye — Decadent and delicious, this is our most popular steak for good reason. Tender and aged to perfection, just like your relationship. Aww. 

USDA Prime New York Strip — A steakhouse classic in the comfort of your own home. No suit or tie or fancy dresses required. Happy Valentine’s Day indeed. 

Filet Mignon Kebabs — Put on your comfy clothes, cue up Netflix, and indulge in our bite-sized Filet Mignon Kebabs layered with fresh veggies. They’re delicious on their own or serve with our Kabob Marinade recipe. Best of all, you can eat with your hands! 

And no steakhouse dinner would be complete without sides! We’re on that too! We’ve gathered our favorite side dish recipes from steakhouses nationwide.