Five Fish You Should be Eating!

As the old saying goes, there’s a lot of fish in the sea. So if variety abounds, why do so few species seem to dominate the dinner table?

For some, it’s about availability. Grocery stores tend to stick with the basics because they know they’ll sell, but that’s what sells because those are the only choices! It’s your classic Catch-22 (pun intended…)! Lucky for you, SteakChop stocks an abundance of options rarely found in your local market, and they’re yours with just a few clicks!

For others, it’s all about familiarity and comfort. We understand. Trying new textures and flavors, and even cooking something new can feel daunting. But SteakChop makes it easy to open your minds and mouths to the rich diversity of delicious fish that awaits.

Let our experts help get you started on your eating adventure with our handy guide:

If you’re a fan of our Sockeye Salmon, you’ll LOVE our ORA KING SALMON:

This rarely available, ultra-premium salmon’s vibrant color, marbleized fat lines, and succulent, rich taste are unmistakable. We call it the seafood version of Japanse Wagyu beef because it’s that tender and delicious.

If you’re a fan of our Holand Sole, you’ll LOVE our WILD-CAUGHT WALLEYE:

Score one for the Midwest! This Great Lakes whitefish is hard to find the further afield you live! Our filets are succulent, sweet, deeply rich, and super buttery, and we bring them to you!

If you’re a fan of our Wild-Caught Tuna Steak, you’ll LOVE our WILD-CAUGHT SWORDFISH STEAK:

Swordfish is the sea’s answer to steak and a great place to start shaking things up! Like Tuna, it’s thick-cut and meaty, but mild-tasting and delicious grilled or prepared as kebabs.

If you’re a fan of our Cod, you’ll LOVE our HADDOCK:

Wild-caught from the Pacific and cut from the loin, our mildly-sweet Haddock is lean, tender, and pearly white. It’s less dense and flakier than Cod, but still perfect for making delish Fish & Chips!

If you’re a fan of our Mahi Mahi, you’ll LOVE our RED SNAPPER:

Love Mahi for its subtle but distinct flavor that’s not fishy tasting? Then you’ll love Red Snapper for the same reason! Wild-caught straight from the Pacific, this versatile fish has a firm texture and sweet, nutty flavor.