Six Scrumptious Proteins That Deserve Your Attention

At SteakChop, we strive to bring excitement and anticipation to home cooking. But even for those of us who love to cook (and who love home cooking), keeping dinner exciting night after night can prove challenging.

But fear not, friends. The experts at SteakChop are ready to help you discover delicious new proteins guaranteed to excite your tastebuds!

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to your soon to be new favorites with this handy guide:
If you’re a fan of our Filet Mignon, you’ll LOVE our LOLLIPOP LAMB CHOPS:
Served at the finest restaurants in the world, our Lollipop Lamb Chops are Frenched and cut from the rack for unapparelled taste and tenderness. Break out the expensive wine and cloth table linens, and cook these up for a decadent, delicious meal that rivals our Filet Mignon in sophistication and fine dining.

If you’re a fan of our Ribeye, you’ll LOVE our BONE-IN PORK CHOPS:
Our world-famous Bone-in Chops deliver the same renowned, five-star, top-quality steakhouse experience you expect from a Ribeye: a thick-cut, well-marbled, juicy, and super flavorful piece of meat. Unbutton your pants and get ready to eat! A must-try!

If you’re a fan of our Chuck Roast, you’ll LOVE our TRI-TIP ROAST:
The West Coast has a secret, and it just may be the most mouthwatering cut of meat you’ve never heard of! Moist and tender, this roast grills or BBQs like a steak and cuts like a brisket for nights when slow cooking a roast is out of the question.

If you’re a fan of our NY Strip, you’ll LOVE our PETITE TENDER:
Word is out. This butcher’s best-kept secret is a secret no more. Like the NY Strip, our Petite Tender brings the perfect balance of flavor and tenderness to dinner any night of the week.

If you’re a fan of our Hamburgers and Ground Beef, you’ll LOVE our THIN SHAVED SIRLOIN:
Nothing beats a delicious, juicy burger except maybe a kick-a#@ steak sandwich. Our handkerchief-thin slices of juicy Sirloin make the best steak sandwiches ever! Scout’s honor.

If you’re a fan of our Short Ribs, you’ll LOVE our BABY BACK PORK RIBS:
What Short Ribs are to more refined dining, Pork Ribs are to casual, every-night dinner. Ours are meaty, tender, and succulent and can be cooked on the grill. Just add your favorite BBQ sauce and get cookin’.
Happy Food Year!