How to BBQ Like a Boss

When it comes to serving up five-star dining experiences, barbecuing is one of the easiest ways to punch above your weight class, regardless of your culinary skills (or lack thereof). 

With a few simple swaps and a few easy steps, you’ll elevate your basic BBQ to boss status in no time. 

Here’s how: 

Quality In, Quality Out. 

Hot dogs and hamburger patties are good, but USDA Prime beef, wild-caught seafood, Berkshire pork, and all-natural chicken are far better! As any pro chef will tell you, if you want great-tasting food, you have to start with the highest-quality ingredients — Steakchop’s fine-dining-quality proteins deliver deliciousness right to your door without breaking the bank. 

Reconsider Your Condiment Game

To elevate your backyard BBQ from homespun to haute cuisine, bench basic ketchup and yellow mustard. Yes, these will always have their place on the table, but your Porterhouse and pork deserve better! These days, even local markets are flush with gourmet condiments, condiment mashups, and condiments staples from other countries. From Aji Verde to Za’atar Spread, protein has never had it so good. 

Step Up Your Sides 

If you’re taking your humble BBQ to another level, your sides should be right there with you. Opt for sides that complement your gourmet grilling like hummus, baba ghanoush, and sweet and savory salads. And, you can grill practically any vegetable right along with your proteins, so it’s easy to do better! 

Make Sure to Marinate 

For food that’s richer in taste, marinate and season your meat and seafood, preferably the day before (in the refrigerator). It needn’t be anything complicated — even a simple mix of ketchup, chutney, and Worcestershire sauce provides an explosion of flavor. 

Dial-Up Your Dining Space 

Would a boss serve savory seafood kebobs and T-Bone steaks on flimsy paper plates? No, a boss would not. Instead, use sturdy, reusable plastic or bamboo tableware made especially for outdoor dining. The same goes for napkins, cups, and dinnerware, all of which should be strong enough to hold their own with real meals. Take time to create a space outside that’s as inviting as the space inside your house by investing in solid tables and comfortable chairs. Make sure there’s ample shade or lighting depending on the time of day, and protect your crew from mosquitos and other critters with new and improved sprays, candles, and even electronic repellents.