The Holidays are Here!

Holiday dinners may look a little different this year, with extended family dining with you via video instead of crowded around the same table, but delicious food can still be enjoyed on both sides of the camera! 

 SteakChop makes it easy for everyone to have the best testing proteins ready to cook! 

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With a little advanced planning, you can create the effect of sitting together at one (extra) long table with our tips for dining together apart, found here. 

And with more folks cooking and eating at home than ever before, sending a SteakChop box (or two) of fine-dining proteins makes the perfect, out-of-the-box (pun intended) gift for parents, spouses, adult children, or even your top employees or most loyal customers at work! 

Why spend countless hours shopping online or braving the stores trying to find gifts your spouse, parents, or children will like when SteakChop is here to help? 

ORDER HERE BY DECEMBER 13th at the latest to receive in time for the holidays. 

Happy holidays to all. May they be healthy and yummy.