Stay Together Apart This Holiday Season with the Gift of SteakChop!

Cooking together and sharing a meal is the most communal and binding activity we share, particularly around the holidays. 

Unfortunately, holiday dinner with your extended family crowded around the dining room table isn’t likely on the menu this season. However, there is still a delicious way to create the same sense of unity with family near and far.  

With video, a little advanced planning, and early gifting of SteakChop packs, you can bridge the physical distance between you and create the effect of cooking and dining together!  

Here’s how: 

First, collaborate with remote family and friends to create a shared menu with the specific recipes you’ll all cook in your respective kitchens.

Second, early gift SteakChop packs to one other, so you’ll each have all the best tasting proteins right at your fingertips! We’ve made it incredibly to gift SteakChop for the holidays by clicking here.

In advance of the big meal, send out matching tablecloths, placemats, napkins, and centerpieces to further create the effect of sitting together at one (extra) long table together. You can even create shared playlists to have the same background music playing in your respective rooms! 

At mealtime, set up your cameras on your respective ends with an expansive view of one another’s tables. Then pop open the same bottle of champagne and toast the chefs as you all dig into the yummy food you’ve cooked. 

When grandpa sits back and proclaims how delicious the meat is, you can whole-heartily agree from your side of the internet! Take turns going around your extended table, giving thanks, or commenting on which delectable dish you like best! 

Order Steahchop Boxes of fine-dining proteins now for you and your family with our one-click, easy-peasy link and receive them in plenty of time to get the party started!