The SteakChop Holiday Gift Guide

Why spend countless hours shopping online or braving the stores trying to find gifts your spouse, parents, or adult children will like when surveys show they’re more likely to prefer experiences over material gifts anyway? 

In today’s world, and particularly after the kooky year we’ve all just collectively endured, people are craving real-life connections more than ever! What better way to connect than cooking and eating together! 

Studies have shown that people who eat together are far healthier and happier — whether that means bringing the whole family to the dinner table or strengthening your relationship with your significant other. 

And with more folks cooking and eating at home than ever before, sending a SteakChop box (or two) of fine-dining proteins should be at the top of your “Been Nice” l

Got parents? 

Us too. Band together with your siblings and buy mom and dad fine-dining quality proteins they can enjoy at home

Significant other? 

A SteakChop gift for him or her is a gift for you too, and your relationship! Winner! 

Adult children? 

Help them eat healthier without being a nudge. And it will probably score you more invites to their dinner table! 

Clients, co-workers, employees? 

Fab food to thank your best clients, top employees, and most loyal customers

Treat yourself! 

Now is the time to give SteakChop a try. There’s no better time to get cooking than the holidays! 

Happy holidays to all. May they be healthy and yummy.