Cooking Together Can Help Strengthen Your Relationship

Chores are a bore, but cooking together is H-O-T.  

It’s true! Studies have shown that couples who cook together benefit from more than just proper nutrition. Cooking together can enhance your sense of connection with one another and reduce negativity while improving communication and cooperation. 

You’ll bake teamwork into your relationship. Cooking with your significant other fosters a sense of being “in it” together. You’re working towards a common goal and must rely on one another to reach it. It’s the perfect opportunity to practice soft negotiating skills since there’s nothing serious at steak (pun intended, of course). The better you are at making decisions together, the stronger your sense of connection will be. 

You’ll have quality together time. 

Rather than viewing cooking as a means to an end, think of it as a way to interactively engage! Have fun! Play! Problem-solve together. Teach each other new tips, tricks, and recipes. Take turns playing DJ, pour a glass of wine, and do a little two-step while your dish is baking in the oven! 

You’ll feel a sense of pride in one another. 

Chances are high no matter what you prepare, it will be healthier than anything you eat in a restaurant! Nutritional eating can increase happiness: eating well boosts self-confidence, which creates positive energy, contributing to happier relationships! Voila! 

Get ready to sizzle. 

Let’s face it. Culinary skills are sexy. But, regardless of culinary expertise, dedicating time and effort to cooking for another is a gesture of love and care that goes a long, long way. 

Try our delish, perfect-for-pairs Steak Diane recipe, to get you started! 

Bon appetite!