Six Tips You’ll Actually Use When Cooking for Two…or One

Cooking for two, or one, can sometimes feel like a struggle, especially when ordering-in undoubtedly seems more convenient.

We know it’s not always easy to pass up bulk deals, or avoid food waste — like finding a way to use a nearly full can of tomato paste when all you needed was a teaspoon — but our six great tips will help save you money, reduce food waste, and make the kitchen the perfect fit for two.

Tip #1: The freezer is your friend

Go ahead, buy in bulk. When stored properly, meat and seafood will last longer in the freezer while retaining its texture and flavor. Soups and pastas also keep well in the freezer and are easy go-to options when time isn’t on your side. Continuously rotate your freezer items for variety and so nothing goes to waste. 

Tip #2: Reimagine leftovers

Same base, completely new meals! Sprucing up leftovers for meals that are delicious and different is easier than you think! Leftover rice, veggies, and chicken can be thrown into a stir-fry, or make fish or steak tacos. Yum.

Tip #3: Master your favorite sauces

Served on the side or atop your favorite protein, sauces add a fresh and tasty twist to dinners at home. Mastering a few simple and easy sauce recipes will keep dinners for two deliciously creative and flavorful. Cook enough sauce for four or more, then freeze what you don’t use to savor later.

Tip #4: Use dried herbs and spices

Don’t be afraid to rely on dried herbs and spices as they are deliciously aromatic, and last far longer than fresh herbs. Use what you need, when you need it. Pro tip: herbs are best added to a dish during cooking.

Tip #5: Don’t shy away from frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables are just as nutritious as fresh produce, but will save you money, time, and reduce food waste. They are perfect steamed or added to soups and stir-fries.

Tip #6: Half the recipe

If you’re not a fan of leftovers or would prefer to scale back on excess food, consider cutting recipes in half. For recipes that require baking, such as casseroles, don’t forget to factor in faster cooking time.

From fajitas and curries, to a perfectly grilled steak, cooking for two is easy, fun, and delicious! So, let’s get cooking!