How to Serve Seafood at Thanksgiving Dinner

Whether you’d like to cater to your pescatarian guests, tip your hat to history (shellfish and fish were served at the first Thanksgiving dinner), or simply shake things up a bit this Thanksgiving, combining sea and land makes for a beautiful table and deliciously memorable meal.

Here are four ways to serve seafood at Thanksgiving dinner this year:

Shrimp Appetizer: Put a garlicky spin on traditional shrimp cocktail that will have your guests giving thanks to you. Click here for a recipe we love from Delish.

Crab Cakes Side Dish: Serve crisp, golden crab cakes on the side, with our tangy and zesty tartar sauce. Click here for SteakChop’s homemade recipe.

Scallop Appetizer or Main: Scallops are quick, simple, and always a crowd-pleaser, and our wild-caught scallops are particularly tasty broiled. Click here for our Mediterranean Broiled Scallop recipe.

Salmon as a Main: Fragrant and buttery, roasted salmon fillet is not only elegant, but also incredibly easy to prepare, not to mention a delicious alternative to turkey. Click here for a great recipe from Well Plated.

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