Top Three Tips for Buying Salmon

When it comes to versatility, salmon is a go-to fish you can rely on for any and all occasions. And it’s easy to cook, healthy, and delicious to boot!

But finding quality salmon isn’t always as easy. Follow our favorite chef’s top three tips for buying salmon and get cookin’.

  1. Don’t rely solely on color.

The more “pink” or “rich” the color of the salmon’s flesh should not be the only factor considered when purchasing salmon, as salmon are often times fed synthetic astaxanthin to produce pink-colored flesh.

You should also pay attention to the smell—bad odor equals bad fish. And, it’s equally important to look for any brown spots or bruising on the flesh, which also indicate it’s a piece of fish to avoid.

The salmon you’re buying should have a smooth and glossy finish, be firm in texture, and smell faintly like the ocean—maybe even a little salty.

  1. Fresh isn’t always best.

These days, “fresh” can be misleading when it comes to food. When it comes to fish, fresh isn’t always better…or tastier, for that matter.

During high season, fish is put on ice immediately after it’s caught to preserve freshness, and with today’s advancements in flash-freezing and vacuum-packing, the quality of frozen fish sometimes exceeds that of “fresh” fish. The takeaway here: so long as you trust the source of your fish, don’t shy away from frozen fish.

  1. Mislabeling happens.

Grocery stores don’t always get it right and sometimes, there’s fishy business going on behind the scenes. As a result, meat and fish are occasionally mislabeled. Whether it’s the origin or type of fish that’s mislabeled or the “sell by” date, it’s best to ask the fishmonger behind the counter a few questions before making a purchase. Alternatively, opt for a reputable seafood and fish shop in your area or trusted delivery services like SteakChop, for fish and seafood that is guaranteed as advertised, including our delicious salmon from the Faroe Islands.

There’s no time like the present to add (more) salmon to your dinner line-up, and with these simple tips, you can shop with confidence.