Fall Food Trends to Get You Excited About Cooking

It’s not just fashion that follows the seasons. So too does food, and we’re heading into our favorite season for eating: not summer. 

When the temperature cools down, our appetite heats up, and we can’t wait to dig into fall’s hottest food trends. 

So, what does autumnal eating have in store for us this year? Let’s take a look: 

Cuisine Mash-Ups

In the mood for Mexican? Or maybe Asian? How about both?! Chefs across the country are creating entirely new flavors by mashing together surprisingly complementary cuisines. Whether a modern take on a steak sandwich or something far more complex, these fresh new dishes are injecting fall dining with unique creativity and excitement. 

The Return of the Classic Cocktail

With bars and lounges closed for months, we’ve had to fend for ourselves and fend for ourselves we have. We dusted off our bottles and have started shaking up classic cocktails at home. And we like it! 

Unique Beef and Pork Cuts 

From Teres Major and Flat Iron Steaks to Heritage Pork, we’re breaking free from supermarket staples and cooking up less familiar, tender, and delicious, butcher-favorites’ cuts of beef and pork. Home delivery protein experts like SteackChop are helping home cooks discover new favorites! 

Cooking from the Pantry & Freezer 

If there’s one positive thing 2020 has taught us, it’s how to make delicious meals at home. For many of us, this has meant pantries and freezers full of food for the first time in decades. We’re still heading to the store but having long-lasting ingredients and meal-making proteins always on had has proven to be a mighty convenient habit we have no intention of breaking. 

Star-Making Sandwiches

This fall, sandwiches take center stage with well-sourced ingredients, artisan bread, and meat, pork, and chicken recipes worthy of main courses. Yesterday’s ham & cheese is today’s panko-crumbled pork tenderloin with adobe sauce. And that’s just for lunch on Monday.