Our Five Favorite Fall Recipes

There’s nothing like the hint of Fall’s crisp, cool evenings to get you back in the mood for deeper flavors and heartier fare. 

We’re ready to jump back in the kitchen and do some serious cooking! And there’s no better time than now to start experimenting with new recipes. The holiday season is nearly upon us, but still far enough out to give you plenty of time to try out and perfect new dishes.  

So, go ahead and lean into the cold weather and big meals to come with our guaranteed-to-please Favorite Fall Recipes:  

Beef Meatballs

Meatballs give all new meaning to the term, Super Food! They’re easy to whip up, they freeze like a dream, and they’re fantastic as a sandwich, with pasta (of course), or on their own!  

Beef Bourguignon

When the weather turns cold, this warm and rich classic is worth the wait! We love it over mashed potatoes, but over pasta or even warmed bread works too! 

Harvest Chicken Casserole

Cook up a big batch of this easy-to-make casserole and dine for days! It also makes an excellent addition to any holiday table with its brussels sprouts and dried cranberries (amongst other ingredients). 

Chicken Pot Pie IX

You’ll put frozen pot pies to shame with this quick and easy — and of course, delicious — recipe! 

Fisherman’s Stew

Warm and aromatic with great depth of flavor, Fisherman’s Stew is the perfect dish to help transition you from summer to fall.