Go Outside and Grill

Grilling may be synonymous with backyard BBQ parties, but it most definitely shouldn’t be limited to them! 

Since the dawn of humanity, we’ve been grilling over an open flame with good reason: you can grill almost everything, and it’s one of the easier cooking techniques to master. 

And right now, in particular, while so many of us are staying close to home, and the future of restaurants is unknown, creating a go-to-the-grill habit as your most common cooking technique will pay delicious dividends. 

Grilling is fuss-free and fast, and quite simply, it makes food taste great without a lot of effort. While there are (truly) countless mouthwatering marinades you can make, the beauty of grilling is you don’t have to. Almost anything you cook on your grill will taste great au natural, or with just a little salt, pepper, and olive oil added beforehand. 

And, because food is cooked at high temperatures (usually between 180 and 250°C), meat, chicken, and other proteins remain tender, juicy, and delicious on the inside, while being tasty, brown and crispy on the outside. 

What’s more, whatever you pick as your side dish can almost definitely be grilled too — right alongside your protein depending on how large and what type of grill you’re using. Fruit? Yep. Veggies? You bet! Even cheese and desserts! You really can grill it all. 

There is a vast range of grills available these days — from $20 charcoal grills to built-in gas grills that cost as much as a used car. Once you learn some basic techniques and get comfortable, it won’t matter what type of grill you use. We tend to prefer charcoal — find our best practices here — but we’re old school and sticking to it. Once you’re done eating, you’ll want to spend a few minutes cleaning your grill so tomorrow night’s dinner cooks and tastes its best — find our guide to spring cleaning your grill here

Now, get outside and grill! You’ll thank us!