Don’t Fear Your Freezer: The Top Five Organization Tips to Make Your Freezer Your Friend

If you’ve ever opened your freezer to a blizzard of unidentifiable containers and bags, or spent time looking for that last bowl of chili you know you saved…but now cannot find, it’s time to tidy up your freezer.

Opening a well-organized freezer is like walking into a well-organized closet – it induces delight, not the chills – literally and figuratively. Knowing exactly where everything is – and what everything is – will minimize waste and save you time and money. Follow our top five organization tips and you’ll turn your freezer into a frozen food showcase in no time.

  1. Label everything: End the days of wondering what you have, or might have, in the freezer by simply labeling each item. Use printable, editable labels, or a simple Sharpie will do the trick.
  1. Use proper storage: To avoid freezer burn, use vacuum sealed or freezer-friendly, airtight containers to store your food. While food that is frostbitten is safe to eat, the texture and taste may have changed due to water molecules escaping from your food, and oxygen molecules seeping in, which means you may not enjoy it once cooked.
  1. Freeze by serving size: Minimize waste by portioning ingredients and meals ahead of time. For example, freeze individual servings of rice, or two to three chicken breasts in separate containers or freezer bags to make defrosting complete meals easier and faster. 
  1. Group similar food items: Whether you have a drawer freezer, a side-by-side freezer, or a freezer chest, use bins to store similar food groups. For example, bins for meat and seafood, vegetables, soups and broths, and so on, will make finding ingredients much easier and will help you keep track of inventory.
  1. Freeze food flat: When possible, freeze food flat. This works especially well with, you guessed it—soups, chili, broths, and sauces. Portion foods into freezer bags, seal, and lay the bag flat in your freezer until frozen. Freezing food items in lumps, such as ground beef, when using freezer bags, won’t save you as much space in your freezer. Food frozen flat can be easily stacked flat or stored upright to save space.

Get the most out of your freezer with our top five tips to help you get organized. You’ll be best buds with it, in no time…or at the very least, on friendly terms.