Eight Great Kitchen Gifts for the Home Chef from a Chef

From nifty new gadgets and must-have kitchen tool essentials, to delicious food for the holidays and beyond, SteakChop has you covered with Chef Thomas Kaylor’s eight best holiday gifts recommendations for the home chefs and foodies in your life.

  1. 12-Inch Lodge Cast Iron Skillet: If your home chef friend doesn’t yet have a cast iron, this is the one to get. Large enough for searing steaks, and also perfect for roasting a whole chicken, it will be their go-to skillet for years to come. 
  2. 6-Quart Instant Pot: Used for pressure-cooking, slow cooking, steaming, rice-cooking, and so much more, Instant Pots are the Swiss Army knives of cooking. Unless you’re cooking for one, Chef Thomas recommends a 6-quart Instant Pot.
  3. Anova Immersion Circulator: For the home chef interested in trying his or her hand at cooking with a sous vide, an immersion circulator is just what they need to get started. From precision-cooked chicken breasts to evenly cooked steaks, it’s nearly impossible to overcook food when you sous vide.
  4. SteakChop Gift Pack: The secret to restaurant-quality meat and seafood at home is a secret worth sharing with your nearest and dearest. SteakChop delivers the highest quality meat and seafood to your doorstep at a fraction of the price, and best of all, you get to choose what you like and don’t want with The Chop List. Choose a pack you know they’ll love, and leave the rest to us! To place an order for a SteakChop Gift Pack, please call us at 844.470.7981.
  5. 5½-Quart Le Creuset Dutch Oven: Tried and true, Le Creuset’s signature Dutch Oven is great for braising, searing, soups, and stews. They are available in a wide variety of colors and will last several lifetimes.
  6. John Boos Reversible Cutting Board: Crafted in the USA and sustainably harvested from North American hard rock maple, John Boos cutting boards are simply the best. Their edge-grain construction will hold up against consistent slicing, dicing, and chopping for home chefs of all levels, including professionals.
  7. MEATER+ Thermometer: For perfectly cooked meat and seafood, all chefs need a reliable meat thermometer. MEATER+ is 100% wireless, features dual sensors on a single probe, 165ft (50m) WiFi range, and a mobile app that helps estimate cooking time based on your protein.
  8. MAC Chef’s Knife: Ask any chef for their must-have knife, and many, if not all, will say a Chef’s Knife. Used for chopping, slicing, and dicing, as well as portioning meat and seafood, Japanese knife brand, MAC, is reasonably priced, and easy to maintain and sharpen.

With gifts this good, you may just find a little something for yourself! Otherwise, impress your food-loving friends and family with gifts they’ll actually use and love.