Five Fabulous Fall Spices

All the talk may be about pumpkin spice (pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin…) but pumpkin spice, while undeniably delicious, is most decidedly not the only spice game in town. 

This fall, as thermometers creep south and cooler temperatures (eventually) prevail, try these spices in soups, stews, and with your favorite proteins:  


Cinnamon is not just for cookies and sweets! It’s equally good sprinkled in stews and casseroles and other savory dishes made with beef and chicken. Some cultures use cinnamon as a cure for colds — something we’re definitely happy to try!  


Deliciously savory and intensely herbal, Rosemary pairs perfectly with meat and roasted veggies, and creative cocktails! Fresh rosemary is usually best, but dried can be just as flavorful.  


Try adding sage to your meats, pork, and poultry for its distinct earthy flavor and intense aroma. Cooking softens the flavor of sage so add it close to the end of the cooking process if you want a milder taste, and to the beginning for its full, powerhouse flavor. 

Smoked Paprika

When it’s too cold to grill outside (although seriously, when is it ever too cold to grill outside?!), smoke paprika will give meat and chicken a smoky flavor because it’s been smoked over oak. Smoked paprika ranges in flavor from mild and sweet to hot, hot, caliente and can be used with everything from sauces to thick cuts of meat. 

Ginger Root 

In addition to looking trés sophisticated in countertop fruit bowls, ginger root (note, not powdered ginger) adds great flavor to meat and chicken marinades, sautéed shrimp, stews, and a host of Indian and Asian recipes.